Top SEO techniques that will work in 2022.

Top SEO techniques that will work in 2022 and bring organic traffic to your site. When you just started your website you have to start SEO for that website and pages. Things like:

  • Optimized contend
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimizing title tags and meta tags

Top SEO techniques that will work in 2022.

Here are some  SEO techniques you should be paying attention to increase your site’s organic traffic in 2022. You won’t just find on-page SEO tactics here, but off-page ones as well. By working on some of these SEO best practices you’ll be able to work on improving your Website visibility and traffic.

Let’s get started.

1. Find competitor’s best-performing pages

If you want to rank on the top pages of SERPS then you have to know about your competitor’s strategy, so this will help you to run your website effectively.

When you know about competitors’ best pages from where the organic traffic is coming from and what is being driven by. SO you can make your strategy according to with plan. Analyzing your competitors’ top pages can point you in the direction of things like

  • A content/keyword gap
  • A link gap
  • An opportunity to improve your existing content

If you want to find a competitor’s best pages so you can use Semrush’s organic research tool and type the competitor’s URL.

This will show you the site’s estimated organic traffic and a general overview of the performance

2. Steal your competitor’s Broken Backlinks

It is very difficult to build quality backlinks, but one great tactic you can use is a variant of broken link building.

While this tactic is typically based on finding broken links, creating content that fits the link, and reaching out to try and get it repointed to your piece (rather than the one that’s dead), there’s a spin on it that you can use to get a head start: finding the links that point to 404 pages on your competitors’ websites.

Enter your competitor’s domain into the Semrush Backlink Analytics tool, head to the ‘Indexed Pages’ tab, and tick the ‘Broken Pages’ box.

These are pages that return a 4XX error and, therefore, aren’t acquiring PageRank through the links that point to them.

Sort this by ‘Domains’, and you’ll see the number of referring domains that are linking to this specific page. It makes sense to start with this metric given that unique referring domains are one of the better measures of link-building success.

Let’s look at the top example on this list. Open up the link, and we can see that this is a 404.

Click on the link on the tool, which will open up the specific insights for this URL. Click on the ‘Backlinks’ tab and filter by ‘Follow’ links.

These are opportunities to reach out and suggest similar content of yours (you might need to create this) that could replace the broken link.

After all, you can position this as helping to prevent a bad user experience in the case that a visitor clicks onto a dead link on their site. You can learn the specifics of how to use broken link building in this guide.

3. Use featured Snippets

To rank your article on Google so you must rank your article on the first page of your targeted keywords.

Optimizing for featured snippets on your article is not used any technicalities so you want to rank on the first page of Google.


Featured snippet

Suppose your article is already ranked on page one. You can optimize for the featured snippet by doing this;

  • Answer as many faqs on that page as possible that are related to the primary keyword,
  • Utilize “people also ask” questions on Google by answering the questions with your article
  • Answer faqs with a “Yes or No,” followed by a few lines of texts when applicable.

When you implement the above SEO technique and strategies, you increase the possibility of ranking your keywords in the featured snippet.

4. Schema Markups

Schema markup or structured data gives search engines more details about your page. Picture schema markup as the data you provide Google to understand your page’s content more.

You can add many schema types to your web page to help Google understand your article; recipe, how to, faq, and review schema are the common schema markups.

Ensure you are using schemas the right way. Assuming your schema code is invalid, it could affect your page’s rankings because schemas influence the click-through rate on SERP.

Schema markup


5. Load Time

Your website’s speed is crucial to your success. A slow-loading website will not only affect your rankings on Google, but it does also decrease your earnings and website conversion because more people leave your website when it loads forever.

Want to increase the speed of your website? Practice the SEO techniques below;

  1. Upgrade to a cloud or dedicated hosting,
  2. Minify your CSS and javascript files,
  3. Compress your images before uploading them to your server/website,
  4. Async or defer javascript files,
  5. Installing a page speed optimization plugin will help you decrease your website’s load time.




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